Monday, May 23, 2011

The world is demanding an apology for the NON-Rapture?

Today I heard that the world is demanding an apology from Rev.Camping who erroneously predicted the Rapture for May21st.

I currently live in this world and I'm not interested in any apology. And I'm curious why the "world" wants one?

His followers may need an explanation and/or an apology. And he may have some 'splainin to do, for the man who spent his life savings on publicity. However, the news stations seem to enjoy filling the airwaves with stories as they reported them several times a day, which drew an audience for their advertisers. Comedians had new content, and several companies made money from billboards to promotional items, including the After-the-Rapture t-shirts.

For some people I talked with, this was a wake up call of sorts. If they knew for sure the day they were going to leave the planet, would it change how they are living today? Are they living each day to its fullest and with integrity? Does that reminder need an apology?


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