Sunday, May 8, 2011

Born Worthy

All persons were born winners and born worthy.

Years ago and every day there is a race and, in most cases, only one winner.
Each person is the winner of the race.

It is a sperm race. A race to determine which sperm would be the ONE to impregnate the precious egg. The others were not born as losers. Only winners had the opportunity to be born. You were the winner from your own very beginning. So is every other person, a winner in their own race from their own beginning. Each may have taken a different route and embraced different behaviors and personality, however the fact does not change that everyone is born a winner and still is.

And as a winner, everyone is worthy of everything wonderful that is bestowed upon a winner.

It’s never too late to recapture the truth about yourself. 

In my experience, I see that when people begin to see their genuine self worth, the healing begins.

Excerpt from book: "Self Investment not Self Improvement"

As a Solutions Consultant, Sumner Davenport works in harmony with her clients to assist them in discovering solutions, not just answers to achieve their goals. As a best selling author, Sumner is sought after as a speaker and is quoted often. One of her quotes was voted to be included in the Top 10 Healthy Thoughts of 2007.Her greatest passion is seeing people live the life of their dreams while assisting others to do the same. 
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