Friday, July 26, 2013

Causes of Lack of Life Fulfillment

1. Drifting with circumstances, without definite aim or purpose
2. Meddlesome curiosity in connection with other peoples affairs; Gossip
3. Lack of self discipline, seen most often through excesses in eating, drinking and indifference towards opportunities for self advancement
4. Ill health caused by poor eating, lack of exercise, poor thinking
5. Lack of persistence
6. Desire for "something for nothing" - the unwillingness to put a real effort behind your wants
7. Lack of integrity with yourself
8. Running your life by one or more of the seven basic fears, instead of healthy actions
 9. Intolerance, judgement of others
10. Closed mindedness
11. Dishonesty
12. Lack of loyalty
13. Premature Cognitive Opinions based on need to control or ego
14. Not going extra mile in service
15. Lack of contribution
16. Desire for revenge, or time spent on taking revenge
17. Resentments
18. Refusal to change
19. Lack of belief in an infinite Source
20. Lack of prayer or mediation time
21. Greed for material possessions, especially those belonging to others
22. Need to control others
23. Procrastination
 24. Talking too much
 25. Not taking personal responsibility.
26. Lack of Thankfulness

Simply change these into the opposite and see new positive results in your life.