Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture is in each day.

Here we are today after the declaration, by one very dedicated man, that yesterday was going to be the"Rapture", the last day on earth. I awoke to birds singing, a cool overcast day with a peek of sun rays through the clouds and fresh air.

This event is both sad and admirable.

It is admirable that a person can have such commitment to their faith, that even in the face of ridicule and taunting, that they will stay. This small group of people made headlines not only for the prediction, but also for their commitment to their beliefs.  Many people poked fun and others claimed he was embarrassing a larger group of people.

Whether it's religion, politics, opinions, choices or ways of living, countless people recant their alleged commitments in the first whiff of nonacceptance. Others deflect, become defensive and argumentative when faced with opposition of any kind.

The sad part is not that the predication didn't come true, it's about how people quit living. It was reported that some people ran up huge credit card debt with expensive gifts and vacations for themselves. Others gave up on their dreams. Some quit college and families quit their jobs to sit home and read scripture or pass out fliers. They survived off of their credit and meager savings, perfectly planned, so they wouldn't have anything left on earth when the day arrived.

Although defines Rapture as: " the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence" and this is a term used by many Christians regarding the second-coming of their Savior; it is also defined as: "ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy".

Many people have ceased living their lives everyday. Some of those who were waiting for yesterday, stopped their dreams or contributions to society. Each day, others are going through the motions of living, waiting for some future unforetold date. And countless people who have no belief in this thought at all, also fail to live in the moments of each day. The potential for rapture within each day is lost in the worry, guilt, judgment and plans only for the "sometime in the future", whether that's the spiritual rapture, marriage, weight loss, the perfect job...etc.... For some, the afterlife is where Heaven is, and that is all they can think about and live for, and they cease to live out the heavenly moments and rapturous potential in every day.

Some people were ready for the end of this life because they wanted out; and others were ready because they had lived each day to the fullest and believe they had completed their purpose.

Which one are you? Are you committed to your beliefs in yourself and your worthiness to have all the goodness that each day has to offer.  And if that daily rapture potential isn't readily apparent, you can make find it or make it?


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