Friday, June 10, 2011

Learning Success - your personal style

Are you aware that we all have a different learning style. Some children and adults learn certain things faster and different. Some of us like visuals, like text and images; and others respond to hearing it over and again. some of us learn better when learning feels like play and others like to hunker down and stay focused for long periods of time. You could be someone who learns best when you're left alone to your owns schedule alone and others respond better when they are in organized teams.

Attempting to force everyone to learn the exact same way can actually be harmful to our learning process and maybe our self esteem.

Most of us have childhood memories of school. Some can recall great teachers who inspired them to learn and grow. Other adults can remember times as a child in school, when they just "couldn't get it", or worse, when they were punished for learning too easy.

I was one of the "learning too easily" kids who looked forward to school. For a few years anyway. I was constantly reading and wanting to know the answers. And then I would be excited when I knew I had learned it and I wanted to share my knowledge and assistance with anyone who would listen. Unfortunately I do have memories of elementary school where I felt like Hermoine in Harry Potter. I would get excited and raise my hand, but then be told to put it down and wait for the other kids to learn. It seemed they were getting the attention for not learning and I was being punished. My excitement for learning waned. Fortunately in middle school, someone noticed my quick learning and place me in advanced learning classes where I could again be challenged and stimulated to learn.

Today, we are more aware of the differences in our personalities, motivations and learning styles. How we are taught as children can effect us into adulthood.

For years I have advocated for self investment rather than self-improvement. When we focus on improving ourselves, we are condemning ourselves for where we are, instead of seeing that our behaviors are separate from who we are. We are doing the best we can with what we know, and what we have to work with - at that time. With different tools, training, experiences and mentors we may learn now ways of thinking and behaving. We may then make different choices that will then provide us with different results. Our thinking is changing, our actions are changing, and therefore our results must change.

I like sharing introductions to people who assist us in investing in ourselves.

This week, I met wonderful woman who saw the need to assist our children and us as adults in our learning so we can create the results we desire, whether learning the answers in school or achieving our goals. I'd like to introduce you to Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis. She developed a powerful solution to our learning profiles and started Learning Success Institute. She offers tools for students that help them learn through their personal learning style, plus tools for teachers and parents. And for those of us who are now adults and need the re-learning she offers workshops and consultations.

As a Solutions Consultant, Sumner Davenport works in harmony with her clients to assist them in discovering solutions, not just answers to achieve their goals.

She reminds people that Your "Self " is not what has happened to you and not who other people judge your "Self " to be, and your "Self " worth is not based on other persons' acceptance.

As a best selling author, Sumner is sought after as a speaker and is quoted often. One of her quotes was voted to be included in the Top 10 Healthy Thoughts of 2007. Her greatest passion is seeing people live the life of their dreams while assisting others to do the same.

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