Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repaying Gratitude

One can never pay in gratitude;
one can only pay "in kind" somewhere else in life.”
~ Anne Morrow ~

Shortly after reading this quote it was made clearer in my life by two separate incidents, and two different friends.

I needed some assistance in solving an important problem. I had run out of ideas, and it was more than I could handle by myself. I asked several people for assistance, with different replies and reasons why they could not help. At the 11th hour, I was blessed when someone I least expected stepped out of her own comfort zone to help me. It wasn’t a simple solution either. We met several obstacles, and she never gave up. She was committed to help until the problem was solved. I am deeply grateful to my friend for making my day end better than it started and I consciously look for ways I can repay this kindness to her. However, because I was feeling so much Gratitude for her kindness and friendship, a situation a few days later allowed me to pay it forward.

One morning after my meditation, another friend popped into my mind. We had recently emailed each other a few times about getting together soon and catching up. The urge to contact her immediately was very strong, so instead of emailing her, I called. She answered the phone with, “I sure needed to hear your voice right now.” Her car had broken down the day before at a location almost 100 miles away from home. She had spent the entire morning making efforts to find a way to get her car towed to its mechanic. The possibilities she could come up with, were costly, so she was concerned about how she would pay for getting her car moved on top of the mechanics charges to fix the car. She had even placed a call to her ex-husband, who took the opportunity to criticize her, which only added to her feelings of helplessness and frustration. She had just finished crying when her phone rang and my name appeared on the caller ID. She told me her dilemma, and my first response was to offer her the use of my Auto Club Card. As I had extended the mile towing service included on my membership, her car could be towed for free. All she had to do was call my Auto Club Card and set up the appointment to meet them at her car and have it towed to her mechanic. When we met for lunch so I could give her my Auto Club Card, I told her about what happened the day before, and I thanked her for the opportunity to pay it forward.

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of assistance and at other times in the place where we can give it. Sometimes paying it forward can be done anonymously.

Think about a time in your life when you needed assistance or support through a difficult time or event.

Take a few minutes to write a list of a few of those.

Then look at each one again, and see if you can find the connections where you were given the opportunity to pay it forward.

And then write how it made you feel, both receiving and giving.

Excerpt from The "G: Spot, the ecstasy of Gratitude
ISBN #978-0981523859
All rights reserved, Self Investment Publishing

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