Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its Darkest Before Dawn

its darkest before dawn
so remember
when you are driven
to the depths of despair
when life seems
hopless, and
beyond repair,
theres going to be a new morn.
lit with the warm rays of hope,
another tomorrow,

that brings with it
fresh endeavour,
and a means to cope,
you can draw on inner strength
stretch your courage to a new length
He's given you hard times....but remember
its darkest before dawn,
so persevere,
always revere,
his master strokes,
his weilding of the baton,
no more sorrow,
a gradual elation,
a peace within
a knowing,
theres going to be,
a grand showing,
and you will be left speechless,
and you will wonder,
what tore my faith asunder?
and you will repent
and you will surrender,
to Him, your protector,
your guide,
He will make those feelings subside,
and reaffirm your faith,
in the fact,
that its darkest before dawn...
so hold tight.....
dont falter,
watch him alter
the path of life
which seems meaningless today
will be lit up aong a new way
hold fast and pray,
for remember...
its darkest before dawn.
seek and you will find,
he is so forgiving and so kind,
dont be swayed by
lifes ups and downs
change into smiles
all those sighs and frowns,
because remember
its darkest before dawn.

~ Arti Chopra
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