Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How can you improve what is already perfect?

Investing in ourselves starts with understanding the difference between the Self, (the person) and a person's behaviors.

By saying a person needs to improve themselves suggests that they are wrong, are incomplete or imperfect by someone else's standards.

In everyday life, many people are quick to judge and label someone as a bad person or a loser because of their personality actions, or their behavior at the time.

Many children are traumatized (and this is carried into adulthood) because at a young age, they were told over and again, that they were bad. When in truth, the behavior that they exhibited at the time was not the desired behavior from the adult’s perspective, or the peer’s perspective. The child themselves is not bad or good. The behavior is different from the being.

A great deal of guilt and damage is made to a person's self esteem when they believe they are not as successful, as beautiful, as wealthy, as (fill in the blank) as someone else; when they measure their worthiness in what they have; or measure by their gender or race.

All the choices we make, conscious and unconscious, in our personal and professional life are based on the information we have at the moment, our
premature cognitive commitments, our experiences, our education, our fears and other reactions.

Investing in ourselves can teach us how to RESPOND rather than REACT.

When we invest in ourselves we look at the reasons for our choices and keep those choices that help us to reach our desired results. When we invest in ourselves we set our own standard and measurement of success.

When we invest in ourselves we listen from inspired guidance and then choose inspired action that assists us to achieve our desired results.

Your "Self " is not what has happened to you and not who other people judge your "Self " to be, and your "Self " worth is not based on other persons' acceptance.

All persons were born winners and born worthy.

 Years ago and every day there is a race and, in most cases, only one winner.
Each person is the winner of the race.

It is a sperm race. A race to determine which sperm would be the ONE to impregnate the precious egg. The others were not born as losers. Only winners had the opportunity to be born. You were the winner from your own very beginning. So is every other person, a winner in their own race from their own beginning. Each may have taken a different route and embraced different behaviors and personality, however the fact does not change that everyone is born a winner and still is.

And as a winner, everyone is worthy of everything wonderful that is bestowed upon a winner.

Behaviors and habits are choices.

If the results a person is now receiving in their life is not representative of the winner they are, then different choices and behaviors will result in different results.

As a sportsman, when Tiger Woods did not come in as champion in a golf tournament was he labeled as a loser? I didn’t hear it anywhere. Did he label himself as a loser? I doubt it. Most sportscasts I heard, and I believe Tiger thought the same, was that he did something different that time and it caused him to come in second instead of first. Sports teams look at the recast of their games when they aren’t the champion of that game so they can see what behaviors need to be changed to get them the winning result they know they deserve.

It’s never too late to recapture the truth about yourself.

In my experience, I see that when people begin to see the difference between their behaviors and their genuine self worth, the healing begins.

Excerpt from book: "Self Investment not Self Improvement"

As a Solutions Consultant, Sumner Davenport works in harmony with her clients to assist them in discovering solutions, not just answers to achieve their goals.
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